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"Flagg's method teaches you to be aware of your own body and maneuver it through space, a skill that will serve you well in everything from athletics to avoiding injury in everyday life."


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"Dance Inspired Workout Can Stretch Your Strength" featured on NY1.

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Lastics will change the way you think about, and understand, your body!


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"I can definitely see what a huge improvement this could make to one's form, posture and overall awareness of her body."


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Both the New York Post and the Daily News touted Lastics as an out-of-the-box workout to try in 2012!

From Anna Reznik, Joffrey Academy Artistic Director:

"Lastics has been completely new and rewarding experience for the Joffrey Academy students. It has helped them think about using their muscles in different ways in ballet class as it incorporates exercises that both stretch and strengthen muscles."

NBA's Randy Foye talks about the importance of stretching and how Lastics helps him play the game better. Watch video >

What Our Students Have to Say:

"I was so surprised at how firm and toned I became from just stretching and doing no other exercise."

"My posture improved and the tension disappeared from my
back and neck."

"I felt totally invigorated and relaxed at the same time."

"Whoa. Those are some stretches! I feel great."

"My muscles felt warm and tingly like I could actually feel the blood moving through them."

“The most surprising part about Lastics® was that it improved my sex life.”


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A one-hour stretch class created by Donna Flagg that teaches you how to articulate your body in ways that elongate muscles from end-to-end. Increase your flexibility and improve body awareness through this special mind/muscle connection.


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$20.00 cash at the time of the class
$17.00 if you prepay online
$15.00 if you buy a 10-class card


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Lastics DVD: A Stretch Workout Like No Other
Lastics DVD

A Stretch Workout Like No Other!

  • One Hour, Full Body Stretch Workout
  • Lengthen and Strengthen
  • Increase Body Awareness